Frequently asked questions

Can I make pre-need arrangements for the care of my pet before death?

We always suggest that the least stressful time to make decisions about pet after-life care is before you lose your pet. We provide all of the same pre-need arrangements for your pet as are available to a person. Pre-need arrangement for a pet makes certain that when the time does come, your pet will be cared for in the manner you desire. Our pre-need services include helping you make important decisions for your deceased pet ranging from burial or cremation to costs and payment plans.

What services are available to me?

Many pet owners do not have a full understanding of the options available to them at the time of the loss of their pet. They typically leave the decision to their veterinarian. At Hillcrest-Flynn, pet owners would have the same options available to them as they would with the loss of a person. This would include any of the following: cremation only, viewing, memorial service, burial (of pet or cremains) in our Pet Garden or People and Pet Garden.

What do I do when my pet dies?

You may contact us directly to have your pet picked up at your home or area veterinarian offices. Please call us at 724.347.5100.

Can I receive support through the difficult time of the euthanasia of my pet?

Sometimes it can be comforting to have the support of a professional with you. We can accompany you to your veterinarian’s office or be with you at home, if you prefer. Call your veterinarian’s office to set up the appointment and give us a call to accompany you or meet you at home: 724-347-5100.

What happens when you pick up my pet?

We will take the same care of your pet as you did in his or her lifetime. Your pet goes directly from your home or veterinarian’s office to our facility and does not leave until you are ready to pick up the cremains, or to have the pet buried.

Can I stay with my pet while he or she is in your care?

You most certainly can. A comfortable and private room is provided. You are welcome to stay until the cremation and/or burial is completed.

What happens to my pet if I decide to leave?

Your pet will be cared for in the most caring and respectful way. We follow your exact specifications on the after-life care of your pet either through your pre-need instructions or your instructions at the time of your pet’s death.

What if I cannot be there when my pet dies?

Some of our pet parents and families due to business or travel cannot be with their pet at the time of death. We can help you through this difficult time when miles may separate you by keeping your pet with us until you can be present.

Should I choose cremation or burial?

Many factors such as your living situation and personal preferences can affect your decision to cremate or bury your pet. We can help guide you through all of the options either through pre-need or at the time of your pet’s death. Rest-assured that in either case - cremation or burial, you can rely on us for comprehensive pet after-life care.

What is private cremation?

Private cremation means that your pet is the one and only pet being cremated. Private cremation means that you will receive all of your pet’s cremains.

How soon will the cremains of my pet be available?

Cremations are done on a timely basis. We will contact you once your pet is cremated and ready to go home.

Where can I have my pet buried?

You may bury your pet in Hillcrest Memorial Park Pet Garden or People and Pet Garden.

Can I be buried with my pet or pets?

You can be buried with your pet at Hillcrest Memorial Park People and Pet Garden, which offers you the option of being buried in the same lot with your pet or, depending on the number of pets, in adjacent lots.

Can I have my pet’s name with my name on the marker?

Yes, you can have your pet’s name on your marker in the Hillcrest Memorial Park People and Pet Garden.

Can I have my pet's image etched with my image on the marker?

Yes, you can have your pet's image etched with your image on the marker in the Hillcrest Memorial Park People and Pet Garden.

Can I have a marker with only my pet's name and image on it?

Yes, you may have your pet's name and image etched on a marker in the Hillcrest Memorial Park Pet Garden.

Are you under the auspices of a human funeral director?

Yes, we are supervised by John Flynn, a funeral director, who operates a human funeral home and crematory across the street. The two facilities operate independently with two separate retorts but under the same management. The daily operation of the pet funeral home and crematory is supervised by Matthew Record, pet funeral director.

Why Hillcrest-Flynn Funeral Home and Crematory and Hillcrest Memorial Park People and Pet Gardens?

No other establishments can provide complete pet after-life care as we do! We provide comprehensive service at the time of your loss, under the auspices of a licensed human funeral director, in the same manner of respect and dignity as any human family member. Full services including: pet viewing, burial, cremation, chapel memorial services, pet only and people and pet cemetery lots, grief counseling and support as well as pre-need arrangement.