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Our Founder

Tom Flynn




1/12/39 - 6/18/18


Tom Flynn, CPA, is President of America’s Cemetery, People & Pet Gardens, the Pet Gardens and the Hillcrest-Flynn Pet Funeral Home and Crematory. The Pet Funeral Home and Crematory, which Tom opened in December of 2006, is believed to be the first pet funeral home and crematory located on the grounds of a human cemetery.  The People and Pet Gardens offer a unique opportunity for burial with your pets as well as burial in the pets only garden.


The People & Pet and the Pet Gardens are situated within our beautiful human cemetery. America’s Cemetery, an eighty-acre memorial park, was established in 1935. It is the site of the Avenue of Flags and the War on Terror Memorial, which has received national and international recognition and well as being featured on the cover of Time magazine.


The Hillcrest-Flynn Pet Funeral Home & Crematorium includes a reception room and arrangement room, both of which contain memorial items as well as a wide variety of urns.  There is a viewing room with a curtained window that can be opened so people can if they wish, view their pet going into the retort.


All of the furry or feathered family members that come here for their final needs are treated with all the respect and care as is given to our human family.




Tom was recently awarded the 2018 Recipient Lasting Impact Award from ICCFA

International Cemetery, Cremation & Funeral Association



Creator of the famous Avenue of 444 Flags, and the War on Terror Memorial, as well as placing the first Canine Companions for Independence grief dog into a funeral home, Tom’s dedication to honor those who have died in the name of freedom and teach future generations of the high price of that freedom, is a testament to his vision, moral code and character. Tom will proudly share this honor with his beautiful dog, Solomon!























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